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A responsive, user-friendly, modern website is no longer optional – it’s mandatory. Today more than 80% of all Canadian internet browsing is done through a mobile device. It is critical that your website be properly formatted with mobile devices in mind. Our experts create solutions tailored to different industries all while working within the client’s budget.

  • Responsive (Mobile) Design

  • Call-to-Actions

  • E-Mail Subscriptions

  • Industry-Adapted Modules (Booking, Ordering, Forms, Live Chat)

  • Custom E-Mail Addresses (“”)


Social Media Marketing, where clients become the forefront of your product, is the most authentic and effective form of marketing to date. Social Media opened an invaluable opportunity for businesses to make use of this concept and build customer loyalty towards their brand. Through launching  ad campaigns combined with engaging posts, we’ll bring your business into relevant Social Media platforms.

Social Media Posts
Ad Content Creation & Optimization
Inquiry & Feedback Forwarding
Social Media Advertising Campaigns (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.)
Graphics, Videos, and Media


Google Adwords is an online advertising solution that allows you to target keywords or search phrases related to your services or products. This is done by displaying your business as one of the top search results for related queries. Each click that leads to your website costs a small fee, depending on keyword and phrase competition. For this reason, you must maintain a very high conversation rate, increasing the percentage of clicks that lead to more business – ultimately saving your money.

Campaign Creation & Management
Landing Pages
Budget Management
Ad & Conversion Optimization
Monthly Statistics Reports


A brand is a visual representation of your company’s identity. Whether you’re looking to update, overhaul, or create your business, we specialize in modern design and marketing practices. Our graphic designers and marketing experts can provide you with results that truly reflect the vision and message of your business.

Comprehensive Branding (for all Print and Digital Media)
Logos, Letterheads, Signs, Clothing, etc.
Multiple Design Iterations and Drafts


Our team will design and set up an online shop complete with any features that you require for your business. All websites are equipped with SSL-Certification and integration with all payment methods; Credit Cards, PayPal, etc.

User-Friendly Design
Shop Customization
Monthly Billing Subscriptions
Check-out Carts
Sorting Modules
Product and Service Support
Social Media Feed Integration


When you’re looking to have a robust online presence, being visible on the first page of search engine results is essential. There are a variety of factors that play in search engine ranking algorithms. Simply having relevant information is estimated to affect such rankings by as little as 10%. With our ongoing SEO service, your website will remain relevant as users search on Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

Keyword Research/Optimization
Media and Tags
Loading Times
Mobile Responsiveness
In/Outbound Links
Social Media Profiles